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About Me

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In 2018, I found myself unexpectedly in a set of challenging circumstances that rocked my sense of balance and that left me with a choice of wallowing in the darkness of despair or grabbing my one wild and wonderful life by the horns, and that’s exactly what I did! I grabbed life by the horns – goat horns, that is! With retirement from a 35-year career with the London Police Service upon me in June 2018, I knew that then was the time to find and follow my dreams.  It had to involve sharing my country property I had tended, nurtured, and loved for the past two decades.  It had to be a way to bring playfulness, joy, and reverence for nature to myself and others, and it had to evolve from my heart. All I needed was courage.


“You’ve got this!” These words reverberated through my mind, body, and soul each time I had started to doubt myself, and these words have become the wind under my wings, as I’ve chased the ideas and dreams that emanate from that authentic, creative core within me. I owe much gratitude to family, including my parents. I don’t know where I would be without my father and his amazing ability to handle any construction challenge, and my daughters who have repeatedly re-introduced me to those three powerful words – “you’ve got this!”. Over and over again, when I would come up with a seemingly crazy new idea or I would allow a lack of self-confidence to start creeping in, these words were the first ones my girls would utter to me, and, because of that, I am living my dream!


And so, with the help of family, Laughing Goat Yoga Studio blossomed into a revered destination for many.  Some come for the “bungoga” (bunny, goat yoga). Some come for the charming Airbnb farmhouse, and some book our facilities for birthday parties, bridal parties, ladies’ weekend get-togethers, corporate events, and more. In the summer of 2019, I hosted my first big event which was extremely close to my heart, for it was my daughter’s wedding! This joyful nuptial celebration, filled with love, laughter, and passion started the rental of our facilities to other couples looking for that unique venue for their wedding. All who visit, enjoy the sense of connecting with nature.


With our three acres, complete with old-growth trees and peacocks, nestled beside a Crown forest and river, the beauty of nature is close at hand and abundant. Facilities include the three-bedroom farmhouse, a charming, temperature-controlled yoga studio, a live-edge, twenty-foot, outdoor bar, an under-the-stars, lit dance floor, and a quaint cottage that can sleep additional overnight guests. The convenience of London is a mere ten minutes away, and we’re located only five minutes from the London International Airport.


You are invited to come and experience our dream here at Laughing Goat Lane. Come for a yoga class, workshop, wedding, or build your own event. We offer personalized planning and a joyful heart. Help us make your dream come true!

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